Toni’s Story

“After witnessing too many of my friends and family suffer the consequences of poor eating or lifestyle habits , I decided to dedicate myself to helping people make sustainably better choices before it’s too late. As a 50- something mom of four, I knew too well how difficult it is to keep the family eating well. And, as a lifestyle an d certified nutrition coach, I knew I could provide the tools to help people become as strong and healthy as they could be. I wrote the book BITE ME! Change your Life One Bite at a Time and created Toni’s OatMEAL to give families the tools they need to make healthy food, their new convenience food. My OatMEAL is a completely balanced, high-protein meal designed to keep you full and fueled for hours . The balance of ingredients helps to regulate blood sugar and is heart-healthy. It’s authentically made with love for all of you who care about your health as much as I do!”

Health Advocate & Author
CEO, Toni’s Kitchen LLC
Sustainably Healthy Meal Solutions