Toni’s OatMEAL™ High-Protein Meal Solutions

5-Meal Grab & Go Sampler Cups
(5 Single Serving Meals)

Get all the benefits of a healthy, complete meal in a single grab and go cup! This sample pack includes one each of our uniquely healthy and delicious blends, including Sweet & Creamy Coconut-Blueberry, Sweet & Spicy Apple-Raisin, Crunchy Cranberry-Walnut, Savory Cinnamon-Raisin and our newest in the line-up, Tart Cherry Chocolate-Almond. With one-third the protein most people need in a day, it’s the perfect for back to school breakfast, at the office meal or for pre- and post-workouts. Just add hot water and it’s ready in two minutes—then see for yourself how long it keeps you full and fueled.